Public Sociology

Prior to committing sociology, it is a good idea to follow these steps:

  1. Become calm and focused using a breathing exercise like this link.
  2. Envision the product of your current activity.
  3. Clarify, in your head, what you are about to do and why.
  4. Ask yourself, “Does this action contribute to positive change?”
  5. List the ways your action will contribute to a specific a outcome.
  6. Manufacture positive change through your actions.

The principles of this method will help evacuate anything that does not contribute to your goal, rebuild a plan based on fundamentals, reaffirm that the plan is positive change, clarify the steps, and produce the intended outcome.


2015-08-22 Saturday 1030a @ SSSP
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The Lives of Homeless Individuals Shown through Visual Ethnography (doc) (ppt)

2015-08-22 Saturday 230p @ ASA
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An Ethnography about Homelessness in Michigan Communities (doc)

2015-09-15 Tuesday noon @ UMSOD
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Social Interactions between Dental Professionals and Homeless Individuals (doc)



Michigan State University

Perceptions of Teeth and Homelessness (doc)

University of Michigan

Fidelity of Implementation during Interdisciplinary Pilot Program (restricted: doc)


Coming soon!