Public Sociology

Girdwood is currently teaching a course on Family and Society (sociology) at Wayne State University.  Here is a video that you can watch (not by Girdwood) to introduce you to some common themes of such a course:

Girdwood also recommends doing a breathing exercise (link) before reading or working.

Try to evacuate anything that does not contribute to your goal, rebuild a plan based on fundamentals, reaffirm that the plan is positive change, clarify the steps, and produce the intended outcome.

Remember S.M.A.R.T. Goals (conveyed by MHealthy staff at the University of Michigan):

  • Specific – Be precise. Write down exactly what you expect to achieve.
  • Measurable – Include amounts, times, days, and other milestones for gauging success.
  • Achievable – Set your sights on a goal that is attainable, yet causes you to go beyond what you’re doing today.
  • Relevant – Your goal should matter to you, first and foremost.
  • Time-specific – You need to set a date for the completion of your SMART goal. Once you have accomplished the first goal, you can set another.”

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Recent Sociology Presentations by Girdwood

2015-08-22 @ Society for the Study of Social Problems

The Lives of Homeless Individuals Shown through Visual Ethnography (doc) (ppt)

2015-08-22 @ American Sociological Association

An Ethnography about Homelessness in Michigan Communities (doc)

2015-09-15 @ University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Social Interactions between Dental Professionals and Homeless Individuals (doc)

Presentation Title: Providing care for patients who experience/d homelessness (slides) (presentation link)



Michigan State University

Perceptions of Teeth and Homelessness (doc)

University of Michigan

Fidelity of Implementation during Interdisciplinary Pilot Program (restricted: doc)


Coming soon!